new york city

the city that never sleeps. having nothing to do over march break and seeing the posters all around school, i decided this would be a great opportunity for me to visit the city for the first time. me and three other girls (two i had never met before this) adventured around the city together, taking in new york city and all of its glory. i have compiled all my favourite pictures and stories from the trip and put them into this blogpost, so enjoy.

day one. we arrived to the hotel at around 2pm, we quickly got ready (at an impressive time considering we were 4 girls with only 1 mirror…) and made our way into the centre of the city. this was when my first glance at times square occurred (4 letters… huge!) the first thing we did was make our way to ‘top of the rock’ to view the city from above, taking advantage of the sunny weather we weren’t sure would happen again during the weekend. the 360 view of the city was the most amazing thing i had ever seen- we got to see everything from central park to the empire state building to the one world trade centre in the distance. after some time there, we walked around times square, going into the herseys and m&m store (our goal wasn’t to shop yet…), i have never seen such a huge chocolate variety in my life, very impressive. as it approached dinner time, we agreed to go to ellen’s stardust diner- an 80s themed restaurant where the waiters would sing and dance, broadway style throughout the evening. we got a mac & cheese (the best one i have ever had!) and two milkshakes to split, it was all in all a great experience. after we were finished eating, it was around 8pm but we were all exhausted after being up since 4am and from the 7 hour bus ride, so we agreed to go back to the hotel to relax.

day two. we woke up early, eager to experience the bus tour around manhattan island planned for us. this tour brought us to all the major landmarks, and even some of the city’s hidden treasures. we passed by trump tower, where i was able to take this cheeky picture (i know he’s not my president, but i’m still allowed to hate him…) we got out of the bus a few times, the first being to enter grand central terminal where i was amazed at how huge and beautiful this train station was. next, we got out for a more emotional experience, the 9/11 memorial and the one world trade centre- seeing all the names absolutely broke my heart, it’s difficult to explain the impact it has until to someone who hasn’t seen it. we entered the westfield world trade centre mall, and were in awe at the architecture and design of it (it did cost $6 billion to make, so i would hope so..) unfortunately, we had no time to shop as our tour had to continue. before getting back on the bus, we managed to get a few pictures in front of the new jersey skyline. to end the tour, we passed by madison square garden, where i snapped this very typical nyc picture with the taxis in front of it. once the tour was over, we hurried over to the museum of modern arts (the moma…), where a few friends had recommended us to visit. we saw every genre of art possible and i was impressed at all the variety in styles of art. we saw very popular pieces from artists such as picasso and warhol but my personal favourite was starry night by van gogh. after that we headed to times square, and ate at chipotle, for my first ever experience there (10/10!). we spent the rest of the evening in times square, both souvenir shopping for friends and family back home, but also spoiling ourselves. we got back to the hotel at around 11, and after ordering some late night waffle room service, we started packing (check out was at 10 the next day..) despite it being a rainy day, we all still had fun.

day three. after taking a few polaroids, we checked out of the hotel at 10am. we put our suitcases into the allotted room reserved for us (which, thankfully we had.., dragging out suitcases around for 12 hours wouldn’t have been fun), and headed towards central park, the place we were all most excited to visit. central park was not only a place for us all to relax and take in the sunny weather after a few busy days, but also a place filled with so many picture opportunities (we definitely took advantage of this…)! bow bridge was my personal favourite spot, as i’ve seen it in so many different movies and shows, as well as the beautiful view of both the city and the park behind it. after feeding the ducks we saw, we made our way to the metropolitan museum of arts, where i simply wanted a picture on the stairs (gossip girl ayy!). this turned into an adventure though, since we got lost on our way there… after finally finding our way, and a quick snack break, we decided we wanted to take the subway to see the statue of liberty. not having the time (or money) for the actual tour, we took the free ferry ride which passed right by it, this was good enough for us. our time in nyc finished in times square, where we got our final bits of shopping done, and were able to grab some classic new york style pizza (didn’t get a picture, sorry!). on our final walk back to the hotel, we saw the empire state building, which was lit up pick for women’s day, a great end to a great trip. thank you to mali, sarah & tori for making it even better! xo


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