sunsets; we’ve all seen them, we all love them. whether the skies are turned cotton candy pink, or fade into yellows and oranges or even into dark eerie purples, every one is different. i look forward to that time every day- the time where i will be able to watch the sky slowly change into beautiful blends of colours, for only a few minutes until it fades away into darkness and night rises. every day i hope to see something new, a blend of colours i’ve never seen before.

sunsets bring me comfort, they make me feel like everything is okay in the world. this beauty is special because it can’t be compared with anything else, it’s a beauty that everyone sees and everyone can appreciate. no matter where i am, if i see the sky fading into pinks and purples, i instantly stop what i’m doing to take a moment to take it in and appreciate all of the natural beauty.

sitting on my window ledge gazing at the sky changing tones, fading into different colours with my favourite ‘good vibes’ songs playing is the best way to end a summer day spent with friends and sunshine. summer is the prime time to see beautiful colours spread through clouds taking over the blue sky.

whether i’m simply at home looking out of my bedroom or on a car ride going to visit a family member, sunsets have a way at making their way into my life. here are some of my favourite pictures i’ve taken over the years for your enjoyment, and here’s to hoping for hundreds more beautiful sunsets (and sunrises!) in 2017.


montreal, quebec
montreal, quebec
sturgeon falls, ontario
montreal, quebec
montreal, quebec
louiseville, quebec
montreal, quebec
montreal, quebec

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